About Brave New World

Brave New World is a look into the transformation of humanity by machines in the post-COVID era. It examines a wide range of topics around how technology and “virtualization” of our lives is impacting work, health, faith, emotional well being, government, democracy, and freedom. It is hosted by AI-pioneer Vasant Dhar.

The guests so far include Arun Sundararajan, Scott Galloway, Sinan Aral, Eric TopolJohn Sexton, Peter Berkowitz, Yann LeCun, Jonathan Haidt, Regina Barzilay, Paul Sheard, Michael S Roth, Molly Crockett, Brian Christian, Ali Velshi, Nandan Nilekani, Samuel Moyn, Peter Railton, Erik Brynjolfsson, James Robinson, Stuart Russell, Daniel Kahneman, Dina SrinivasanTerrance Odean, Solon Barocas, John McWhorter, Anna LembkeAndrew Yang, Adam Alter, Albert Wenger and David Yermack.

Brave New World is an initiative of the Data Governance Network, and is supported by the Omidyar Network India.

Show Credits: Hosted by Vasant Dhar. Produced by Amit Varma. Edited by Gaurav Chintamani.