Episode 1: The Technology Wars

In the Internet era, war is about tech. Technology platforms are the new power players of our times, alongside the state. Arun Sundararajan joins Vasant Dhar to discuss how the Internet is shaping the power dynamic between individuals, platforms and the state, the choices that confront us and their consequences. They discuss the US-China war, who is winning, and what it all means for us.

Useful resources:
1. The Sharing Economy: The End of Employment and the Rise of Crowd-Based Capitalism — Arun Sundararajan.
2. 3 Ways to Increase Social Media Platforms’ Transparency — Vasant Dhar.
3. Who Controls Your Data? — Vasant Dhar.
4. Platforms and Ecosystems: Enabling the Digital Economy — Michael G. Jacobides, Arun Sundararajan & Marshall Van Alstyne.