Episode 9: Waiting for Doctor AI

Artificial intelligence can transform healthcare — and the medical profession may be behind the curve. Regina Barzilay joins Vasant Dhar in episode 9 of Brave New World to talk about how doctors, programmers and lawyers need to find a meeting point to make the revolution happen.

Useful resources:
1. Regina Barzilay at MIT CSAIL and MIT J-Clinic.
2. A Deep Learning Approach to Antibiotic Discovery — Regina Barzilay and others.
3. Toward robust mammography-based models for breast cancer risk — Regina Barzilay and others.
4. Multi-Objective Molecule Generation using Interpretable Substructures — Regina Barzilay and others.
5. Human and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare — Episode 4 of Brave New World (w Eric Topol).
6. Artificial Intelligence — The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet — Michael Jordan.
7. Intelligible Models for HealthCare: Predicting Pneumonia Risk and Hospital 30-day Readmission — Rich Caruana and others.