Episode 12: Are We Becoming a New Species?

Social media is changing human behavior. How and why are humans being transformed by algorithms? Molly Crockett joins Vasant Dhar in episode 12 of Brave New World to describe her work at the meeting place of technology and morality.

Useful resources:
1. Molly Crockett at YaleOxford NeuroscienceGoogle Scholar and Twitter.
2. Crockett Lab.
3. Moral outrage in the digital age — MJ Crockett.
4. The MAD Model of Moral Contagion: The Role of Motivation, Attention, and Design in the Spread of Moralized Content Online — William J Brady, MJ Crockett and Jay J Van Bavel.
5. Inference of trustworthiness from intuitive moral judgments — Jim AC Everett, David A Pizarro and MJ Crockett.
6. The Social Media Industrial Complex — Episode 3 of Brave New World (w Sinan Aral).
7. How Social Media Threatens Society — Episode 8 of Brave New World (w Jonathan Haidt).
8. A computational reward learning account of social media engagement — Björn Lindström and others.
9. The Alignment Problem — Brian Christian.
10. You and the Algorithm: It Takes Two to Tango — Nick Clegg.
11. Moral Learning: Conceptual foundations and normative relevance — Peter Railton.
12. The social dilemma of autonomous vehicles — Jean-François Bonnefon, Azim Shariff and Iyad Rahwan.
13. Emotion shapes the diffusion of moralized content in social networks — William J Brady and others.