Episode 36: Jeff Teper on the Post-Covid Workplace

Big tech is in the spotlight these days, but Microsoft keeps a low profile. It has escaped the flak while shaping the post-Covid world. Company veteran Jeff Teper joins Vasant Dhar in episode 36 of Brave New World to explain their vision for the future, and to share his views on Web 3.0. And oh, by the way — Teams is the nascent Metaverse.

Useful resources:
1. Jeff Teper at Stern and Twitter.
2. Aswath Damodaran on Investing — Episode 33 of Brave New World.
3. The Product Book — Josh Anon with Carlos González de Villaumbrosia.
4. Jaime Teevan at Microsoft.
5. The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age — Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh.
6. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success — Carol S Dweck.
7. Accidental Empires — Robert X Cringely.