Episode 54: Dana Carroll on the Science and Ethics of Gene Editing

We have become the first species that can edit its own programming. Dana Carroll joins Vasant Dhar in episode 54 of Brave New World to share his insights on the science of gene editing — and the ethical questions it raises.

Useful resources:
1. Dana Carroll at University of Utah and Google Scholar.
2. The Promise and Challenge of Therapeutic Genome Editing — Jennifer Doudna.
3. Jennifer’s Doudna conversation on CRISPR with Chris Anderson.
4. Jennifer Doudna at Google Scholar and Amazon.
5. CRISPR babies: when will the world be ready? — Heidi Ledford.
6. Beyond CRISPR: What’s current and upcoming in genome editing — Chris Tachibana.
7. Human Genome Editing: Science, Ethics, and Governance — Various authors.
8. Heritable Human Genome Editing — Various authors.
9. Human genome editing: a framework for governance — WHO.
10. Human genome editing: position paper — WHO.
11. Human genome editing: recommendations — WHO.
12. Animal Liberation — Peter Singer.

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