Episode 55: Paul Barrett on Regulating Social Media

Social media has brought new challenges to our times, such as what they should or shouldn’t publish or amplify. Do we need new laws to deal with these challenges, or are current laws sufficient? Paul M Barrett joins Vasant Dhar in episode 55 of Brave New World to share his insights.

Useful resources
1. Paul M Barrett on TwitterAmazon and NYU Stern.
2. Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun — Paul M Barrett.
3. A Platform ‘Weaponized’: How YouTube Spreads Harmful Content—And What Can Be Done About It — Paul M Barrett and Justin Hendrix.
4. It’s Past Time to Take Social Media Content Moderation In-House — Paul M Barrett.
5. Spreading The Big Lie: How Social Media Sites Have Amplified False Claims of U.S. Election Fraud — Paul M Barrett.
6. The ‘Twitter Files’ Show It’s Time to Reimagine Free Speech Online — David French.
7. Daniel Kahneman on How Noise Hampers Judgement — Episode 21 of Brave New World.
8. Dissecting “Noise” — Vasant Dhar.
9. Philip Tetlock on the Art of Forecasting — Episode 31 of Brave New World.
10. The Battle for Attention — Vasant Dhar.
11. Section 230: It’s Time to Equate Amplification to Publishing — Vasant Dhar.

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