Episode 62: Dmitry Rinberg on the Mysteries of Smell

We live in a world of smell — and we barely understand it! Dmitry Rinberg joins Vasant Dhar in episode 62 of Brave New World to discuss what he has learnt about the neurobiology of smell over the last two decades.

Useful resources:
1. Dmitry Rinberg at NYUGoogle ScholarLinkedInTwitter and Rinberg Lab..
2. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer — Patrick Suskind.
3. A Novel Multigene Family May Encode Odorant Receptors: A Molecular Basis for Odor Recognition — Linda Buck and Richard Axel.
4. Linda Buck and Richard Axel win the Nobel Prize.
5. Learning to Smell: Using Deep Learning to Predict the Olfactory Properties of Molecules — Alexander B Wiltschko.
6. Digitizing Smell: Using Molecular Maps to Understand Odor — Richard C Gerkin and Alexander B Wiltschko.
7. This Cat Sensed Death. What if Computers Could, Too? — Siddhartha Mukherjee.
8. SMILES to Smell: Decoding the Structure–Odor Relationship of Chemical Compounds Using the Deep Neural Network Approach — Anju Sharma, Rajnish Kumar, Shabnam Ranjta, and Pritish Kumar Varadwaj.

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