Episode 83: Shashi Verma on Transport in the 21st Century

He has been a driver of change at Transport for London, which has shown the way to the rest of the world. Shashi Verma joins Vasant Dhar in Episode 83 of Brave New World to share his learnings on urban transport — and the governance structures that lead to the best results.

Useful resources:
1. Shashi Verma on LinkedIn and Centre for London.
2. Albert Wenger on the World After Capital — Episode 29 of Brave New World.
3. Estimating the Social Benefit of Constructing an Underground Railway in London — CD Foster and ME Beesley.
4. A History of London Transport — TV Barker and Michael Robbins.
5. The Subterranean Railway —  Christian Wolmar.
6. Evaluating Urban Transport Improvements — Anthony J Venables.
7. Agglomeration, Productivity and Transport Investment — Daniel J Graham.

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