Episode 40: Ben Hunt on the Power of Narrative

‘We need narrative theory,’ says Ben Hunt, to understand the alien beings called Narratives that inhabit our Metaverse. Hunt joins Vasant Dhar in episode 40 of Brave New World to describe how Big Tech is changing the way we think — and how we need to fight it.

Useful resources:
1. Ben Hunt on TwitterLinkedIn and Epsilon Theory,
2. Epsilon Theory,
3. Narrative and Metaverse, Pt. 1: The Living Word — Ben Hunt.
4. Narrative and Metaverse, Pt. 2: Gain of Function — Ben Hunt.
5. Narrative and Metaverse, Pt. 3: The Luther Protocol — Ben Hunt.
6. Chris Bail on How to Fight Polarization — Episode 34 of Brave New World.
7. Amusing Ourselves to Death — Neil Postman.
8. The Selfish Gene — Richard Dawkins.
9. Lapham’s Quarterly.
10. We Refugees — Hannah Arendt.
11. The Power of Myth — Joseph Campbell.

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