Episode 60: Raphaël Millière Looks Under the Hood of AI

ChatGPT is great — but does it ‘understand’ what it is telling us? Raphaël Millière joins Vasant Dhar in episode 60 of Brave New World to understand on what’s going on inside ChatGPT — and the larger questions that arise from this.

Useful resources:
1. Raphaël Millière on Google ScholarTwitterLinkedInColumbia University and his own website.
2. How to Talk to (And About) Artificial Intelligence — Raphaël Millière.
3. Moving Beyond Mimicry in Artificial Intelligence — Raphaël Millière.
4. AI Art Is Challenging the Boundaries of Curation — Raphaël Millière.
5. The Vector Grounding Problem — Dimitri Coelho Mollo and Raphaël Millière.
6. Sam Bowman on ChatGPT & Controlling AI — Episode 58 of Brave New World.
7. Paulo Kaiser on Assimilating ChatGPT — Episode 59 of Brave New World.
8. The Nature of Intelligence — Episode 7 of Brave New World (w Yann LeCun).
9. The False Promise of ChatGPT — Noam Chomsky, Ian Roberts and Jeffrey Watumull.
10. The Bitter Lesson — Rich Sutton.
11. On Bullshit — Harry Frankfurt.
12. Bing’s A.I. Chat: ‘I Want to Be Alive — Kevin Roose.
13. Language Models as Agent Models — Jacob Andreas.

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