Episode 78: David Halpern on Nudging

How can we use the insights of behavioral economics to make the world a better place? David Halpern joins Vasant Dhar in episode 78 of Brave New World to share his learnings from running the Behavioral Insight Team for the British government.

Useful resources:
1. David Halpern on Wikipedia and the Behavioural Insights Team.
2. The work of the Behavioral Insights Team.
3. Inside the Nudge Unit — David Halpern.
4. Social Capital — David Halpern.
5, The Hidden Wealth of Nations — David Halpern.
6. The behavioural science of online harm and manipulation, and what to do about it — Elisabeth Costa and David Halpern.
7. Subsidies vs Nudges: Which Policies Increase Saving the Most? — Raj Chetty et al

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