Episode 11: The Future of Liberal Education

In these polarised times, what should the colleges of tomorrow look like? Michael S Roth, the president of Wesleyan University, joins Vasant Dhar in episode 11 of Brave New World to discuss his vision for liberal education. We should empower individuals, he says, by designing for serendipity.

Useful resources:
1. Safe Enough Spaces — Michael S Roth.
2. Beyond the University — Michael S Roth.
3. ‘Minds Wide Shut’ Review: Dogma, Division and Distrust — Michael S Roth.
4. Forgiveness in an age of cancel culture — Michael S Roth.
5. Higher Education Must Stand Up for Voting Rights — Michael S Roth.
6. Reasoning in Rough Times — Michael S Roth.
7. A Focus on Critical Feeling — Michael S Roth.
8. How Social Media Threatens Society — Episode 8 of Brave New World (w Jonathan Haidt).