Episode 66: Jameel Jaffer on Free Speech in the Social Media Age

Law and social conventions around free speech have evolved with the times, but technology presents new challenges to both. In this new world of social media, how should we think about it? Jameel Jaffer joins Vasant Dhar in episode 66 of Brave New World to share his thoughts on how we can navigate this territory.

Useful resources:
1. Jameel Jaffer on WikipediaTwitterACLUColumbia Law School and Knight First Amendment Institute.
2. Social Media Companies Want to Co-opt the First Amendment. Courts Shouldn’t Let Them — Jameel Jaffer and Scott Wilkens.
3. There’s a Problem With Banning TikTok. It’s Called the First Amendment. — Jameel Jaffer.
4. Optimizing for What? Algorithmic Amplification and Society — A symposium by the Knight Institute.
5. How Rights Went Wrong — Jamal Greene.
6. Free Speech Futures — An essay series edited by Jamal Greene.
7. Marketplace of Ideas.
8. Brandenburg v. Ohio.
9. Pentagon Papers.
10. New York Times Co. v. Sullivan.
11. The Federalist Papers.
12. Whitney v. California.
13.  The Technology Wars — Episode 1 of Brave New World (w Arun Sundararajan).

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