Episode 71: David Sontag on AI in Healthcare

David Sontag joins Vasant Dhar on episode 70 of Brave New World to highlight where and how AI is creating a major transformation in healthcare. We could create a brave new world of individualized and holistic healthcare, where the machine really cares about us and tells us what to do based on knowledge and data.

Useful resources
1. David Sontag on TwitterLinkedInMIT and Google Scholar.
2. Heuristic Methods for Imposing Structure on Ill-Structured Problems — Harry E Pople Jr.
3. Harry E Pople on ResearchGate.
4. Human and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare — Episode 4 of Brave New World (w Eric Topol).
5. Waiting for Doctor AI — Episode 9 of Brave New World (w Regina Barzilay).
6. UpToDate.

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